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Looking for someone to design a shirt 🌎

Looking for: T-Shirt Designer
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So my buddy is a young rapper who is very passionate and dropped a new album i have an image that i would like put on a black long sleeve shirt i want the image to take up most of the chest being square and i wanted black smoke kinda worked into the white portion of the image would like to see what it would look so i could show him i tried using t shirt design websites but none of them work very well

If someone could do this for me and give me a nice design of it placed on the shirt if you could email me to ask any questions or send it to me through that i would be super appreciative the free design part would mean very much to me due to us still being students so if you guys and girls could just send them to me i would be super appreciative
I am not looking for an actual shirt to be made at this time just a picture of the design on a shirt
Sorry if this broke rules or if i offended anyone Thanks

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Posted 13 days ago
Ashton Schmidt
Last online: 7 days ago

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