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Short Film Actress 📍 Richmond Hill, Canada

Looking for: Actor
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We are looking to cast two female leads in teenage roles. This will be a short film that will be shot over the course of this year, requiring a few meetings to complete the scenes. The story centers around social anxiety and follows a teenage girl struggling with it without realizing she is. However, when she falls asleep, she starts dreaming. She wakes up looking like another girl shot and edited with dream-like aspects so you can tell it’s a dream. This is where the two actresses are required, one to play the girl in reality and the other to play the girl in her dream state. Within the story, we establish they’re the same person but they prefer to take on the persona of someone they’re not, instead personifying who they hope and aspire to be within their dreams. From this, the girl in reality visits somewhere that connects with their childhood and helps them unearth more about their past, causing them to fall into a state of derealization due to repressed memories, they believed their life was much happier than it was. This begins to haunt them in their everyday life as they experience problems that come with the resurfacing memories and begin to see things that trigger destructive responses to their health. As the story continues the person finally enters their dream state as themselves as the story comes full circle to show the girl having learned to heal.

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Posted 12 days ago
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