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Short Animation for a Documentary 🌎

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I am a documentary filmmaker currently working on a film about Juan Carlos Hernandez, a man with an inspirational story. He was born in Mexico before crossing the border into the US illegally at the young age of 6. After graduating from high school in the US, he wanted to become a citizen and saw a path forward by joining the US Army. He was deployed to Afghanistan where he worked on a helicopter.

One night, as he was patrolling the valleys of Afghanistan, a member of the Taliban launched at RPG at his helicopter. As a result, Juan Carlos would lose his right leg. Juan Carlos gained his American citizenship but at the cost of his right leg. He later goes on to rehabilitate from his injury through cycling, clipping into the bike with his prosthetic.

The animation I need is only 40 seconds long. Juan Carlos voice describes being on the helicopter, late at night, delivering supplies to a nearby base. The animation would be dimly-lit representation of what he is describing. The animation ends with Juan Carlos describing he experienced “a big flash and a loud bang.” And then it will transition back to my footage so animation won’t be graphic and won’t need to show any blood or violence. The animation will simply paint the picture of the moments leading up to his injury.

I need this complete by February 1st which means I need a solid draft by mid-January. My budget is $1,000.

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Posted 9 days ago
Alexander Tabet
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