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Full Time YouTube Video Editor 🌎

Looking for: Video Editor
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I’m basically looking for a dedicated, full-time video editor and not one just for the time being. That being said, as with any job, you should get a weekend. Even though, 2 videos will be getting published on any given day on the channel, the requirement is to have 3 videos edited everyday. That way neither you nor I have to work over the weekend but the content still gets uploaded.

As far as the videos go, an average length of a 60 minutes should be more reasonable.

The edits that you’ll likely be making:

Basic stuff:

  1. Adjust the brightness and contrast ratio.
  2. Trimming repetitions out (i.e. dying in a boss battle or taking too long to figure a puzzle out).
  3. Adjusting the game and vocals volume.

Stuff that’s actually gonna be challenging:

  1. Adding sound/video effects to increase the saas factor.
  2. Adding, memes and GIFS in the right place at the right time to make the videos entertaining (Your Judgement).
  3. Censoring all the cursing in a video if any (In-game or vocals).

You have to create the thumbnails for the videos as well. Along with any promotional or marketing material (Videos or graphics). Here’s the link to the channel: you can take a look:

It’s a walk-through based channel.

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