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Video editor needed to create History Course Videos, Long-term, Part-time 🌎

Looking for: Video Editor
15 days left
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I’m creating a history course that starts in the beginning of time and moves towards current-day. I have done all the research, scripted and recorded the audio. I want to make one 2 videos/month for years to come. I have edited the videos myself using the application videoscribe, but I’m not happy with the end product.

I’ve posted two videos so far, please take a look

I’m looking for someone to work with long-term, as I’m planning on working on this project for at least several years down the line. My main concern with letting someone else edit it is that they won’t use humour like I do so you need to be fluent in English and have a good imagination.

I will have a script for you and several cues and pointers as to how you can edit but you need to be independent also, especially since we’re going to work long-term together.

About the editing:
Each video is not more than 5 minutes long, and starts with one date and ends a bit later. So the common nominator of every video is that there’s a timeline. Please look at the video I’ve made for reference.

My budget is $50-100 per video. However, I’m happy to agree that you’ll get a bonus every time we pass a view-total.

If you’re interested I suggest you comment on this project and share some references. I’ll then give you 5-10 seconds that you’ll edit as a test, if I need you to edit more I’ll pay for any additional editing.

I’m looking to start this project as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your response.

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Day rate

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Half a day

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Personal job or project

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1 week

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