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Anime Animator for sequences that will form part of live action feature film 🌎

Looking for: Animation
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We are a feature film studio. Kirlian Pictures. You can find us at We are in pre-production on a number of features one of which is the sequel to the global hit Interview with a Hitman. The sequel is called Viktor’s Game and we will be shooting in Budapest this summer.

We wish to engage an experienced anime artist to undertake around 15 minutes of Anime animation that will be used in a live action feature film. We want the style of animation to be very much like the O-Ren Ishii story in Kill Bill.


We have experience of working with remotely location post production staff so the work can be done anywhere and the animator will not have to travel to us. Though of course is welcome to visit if he/she so wishes.

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Kirlian Pictures
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