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Singer songwriter 📍 Manhattan, United States

Looking for: Music Producer
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Names felicia been singing since 4 writing songs since 8 my life journey has been crazy heavy with pain as my guide I’ve finally found my way to laying my story to my passions I’m in military waiting to get out atm and by time I do I’m taking a decent check to cali to chase these dreams finally…I have at least 13 songs 3 of which I have blank tracks others I’m hoping to gets some made not for all of them but at least 5 and ima drop money for at least 2 as decent as possible videos and some professional pics pretty much just loading guns to unleash when time comes I fuck with all levels of music but not on a girl side i was raised on some rough edges and need someone who can vibe with my flow without judgement or trying to stay from who i am passionate people only for ima sure many say it but I truly am on a mission that’s been long overdue …need someone to help me dig up this buried treasure…

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Posted 3 months ago
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