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i need a svg graphical designer 🌎

Looking for: Animator
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We’re looking for an experienced graphic designer (must have event-based SVG animation experience) do build a simple SVG that responds to hover events from the user.

The website this will be embedded on is for a company that offers services to a number of groups - when the user hovers over a graphic representing each group, the graphic changes to text and a blob of text needs to appear.

We have a prototype that’s been created in Animator and photoshop files with the static SVG. The task is to work with the PSD file containing the SVG and produce a result that can be deployed onto the site that will respond to mouse events.

There is an element of urgency to this task - it must be deployed to the site by Monday 20 Jan.

Please supply examples similar SVG work (must include mouse event-based animation) you have done to be considered

That video is of the prototype that was put together using Animator
Attached video
I would prefer an SVG that I can embed to replace the one that’s below the video in that link

The styling of the prototype isn’t quite right either
so I would like it to look more like the static SVG that’s currently on the webiste
it’s changing on HOVER
not on click
if you need JS, make a standalone index.html that contains the SVG and the required JS linked - I’m not sharing the website access as you don’t need it to do what we need done
That’s the content
attached doc file

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
No payment, only collaboration

Is this ongoing work or a one off job?
One-off specific project or job

How would you prefer to pay for the project?
Day rate

What’s your day rate budget range? (USD)
$0-25 (Collaboration)

Do you have an estimate of the job or project length?
1-2 hours

Are you a company or individual hiring?
Personal job or project

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Posted 3 months ago

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