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POP/ROCK Music Producer to work with vocalist/lyricist 🌎

Looking for: Music Producer
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Hi I’m Ellie. I’m from Portland and I work in film and serve tables to make ends meet. Music has always been the real goal for me, but I don’t have the tools or instrumental knowledge to do everything by myself.
I write lyrics, melodies, and basic chords usually.
You would be working with me to build a full song around my melodies with the sound I’m aiming for. I would love to find someone who can fully mix and master as well, but I’m prioritizing a good instrumental and stems for right now.

The sound I am going for is '80s Disco meets '90s Grunge.
I would love to take some influence from some Eastern styles too. Whoever I hire I will be actively working with to create a unique sound. I don’t want to hire someone who will just spit something out on their own and ask for payment. You should be someone who loves collaboration.

Influences: Courtney Love, Patti Smith, Garbage, Rolling Stones, Aly & AJ, The Japanese House, Cigarettes After Sex, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, The Cranberries, Palaye Royale, Michael Jackson, Prince, Day6, Sunmi, The Garden, AllieX, My Dear Disco, The Pretty Reckless, Circa Survive, The 1975, Coven, No Doubt, The Cramps

I have recording equipment and a basic studio at my home, but I also have access to a full studio when we get there.

Lets message and talk more! I can send examples of sounds I like, and some rough drafts of some of the songs I have so far. Pricing depends on what you can do, if we want to work on multiple songs, etc.

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Posted 2 months ago
Ellie Mei
Last online: 2 months ago

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