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The Copywriter (CW) is responsible for researching, creating, and writing copy that properly reflects the client’s strategy. Generates unique and innovative materials for Brand; developing text from draft stage through final copy. Through research and review of literature, acts as a drug information specialist. CW reports to a more senior person on the creative staff, usually the Copy Supervisor, and assists that person on larger, more complex projects. Works with Art Director in partnership to generate concepts.


  • Write in a clear and concise manner while maintaining quality control by adhering to clarity, proper grammar, agency process, client referencing and legal requirements
  • Develop smart, single-minded ideas that are on strategy. Work collaboratively with creative partner. Learn to focus on the idea first, then the execution. Develop copy that is relevant and makes sense with the visual.
  • Understand marketing plans including objectives and strategies and how success will be measured. Contribute innovative ideas appropriate to the client marketing strategy.
  • Possess working knowledge of product challenges in relation to overall market
  • Collaborate and communicate with team members in a productive manner to ensure goals are being met and to attain/maintain creative vision outlined for the agency


  • Understands the creative brief and the role it plays in creative development and Client management.
  • Understands marketing plans, including objectives and strategies and how success will be measured.
  • Exhibits solid understanding of marketing discipline.
  • Incorporates client input into ongoing projects.
  • Contributes innovative ideas appropriate to the clients marketing strategy.
  • Develops understanding of audience needs (e.g., physicians, patients, sales reps).
  • Develop medical knowledge in therapeutic areas of primary accounts.
  • Defends strengths of concepts while remaining open to alternatives and further explorations.Execution:
  • Firm grasp of how jobs move through the agency.
  • Exhibits strong/active listening skills.
  • Writes in a clear and concise manner.
  • Maintains quality control by adhering to agency process, AMA style, client preferred referencing and annotation styles.
  • Able to present concepts and layouts to senior creative team members.
  • Organizes and communicates thoughts well.
  • Exhibits decisive problem solving ability.Relationship Management:
  • Must be able to develop a range of creative executions for each project and effectively collaborate with creative copy teams to ensure the copy supports the concept.
  • Regularly Works with illustrators, photographers, retouchers, science bureaus, computer design staff, editorial department, audio engineers, film editors, integrated producers, creative technologists, user experience architects, production managers, medical directors, marketing strategists, and account executives to ensure highest quality product within specified deadlines.
  • Communicate with team members at all times regarding deadlines, revisions, quality control and new work.Business Management:
  • Possesses working knowledge of product challenges in relation to overall market.
  • Works on multiple projects simultaneously and meet with clients.
  • Works with AD to support creative approaches to communicate the client’s message about the product for both the overall campaign.
  • Oversees creation of concept roughs for presentation to client.
  • Provide technical knowledge ensuring timely completion of project.
  • Solves problems within areas of direct responsibility.
  • Understands how budgets and schedules are developed.
  • Demonstrates full understanding of Vantage/billing process and importance of timely recording of hours.


  • Bachelors: Marketing, Advertising, Communications, or Related Field


  • Internship in Marketing/Advertising: 1 year Business


  • Solid knowledge of word text programs


  • Possesses a creative mind
  • Is attentive and shows interest in the subject; Expresses ideas clearly and accurately
  • Creates clear goals, identifies and finds the resources (e.g. time, people, materials) needed to achieve them, and schedules tasks so that work is completed on time
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment to build and foster collaborative environment
  • Shows interest in finding the cause of problems, looks for and chooses effective solutions and takes the necessary action to resolve them.

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