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2D Explainer Videos - Blog posts turned into 2D Animations 🌎

Looking for: Explainer Video
Budget: $1666.66
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I’m a Toronto-based agency founder, and we work with a lot of fun tech companies in the US and Canada.

We are looking for a 2D animator who can edit provided assets and animated them into an explainer video. The project will consist of 5 edits total- each running close to 1-2mins. These 2D explainer videos will be presented on the client’s website. We’ve worked with this client in the past and they are very organized in terms of getting us the asset files that we need for animation.

We have a budget of $400 USD/ animated explainer video, totalling at $2000 USD. We will go into further details about the assets. The animation does not need to be over the top, just clean and informative, getting the message across in an appropriate manner. We will also be working with this client throughout the year, and we will be shooting commercials with high-end animations for as well. This is the first of many.

The job is not location-specific and we are happy to work with anyone from anywhere.

This current posting is for the 5 explainer videos only. If the job is done well, we are very open to hiring a full-time editor to handle all of the needs of this client.

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Posted 2 months ago
Inverted Taco
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