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Searching for Vocal Mix Specialist (Rap/R&B) 🌎

Looking for: Audio Engineer
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After struggling through YouTube tutorials for the last year, I’m very confident in my ears, vocal effects, instrumental mixing & mastering.

However, I cannot get my vocals to sound “industry quality” on the compression specifically. I get very confused with “how much?”. I do not record through an outboard compressor or analog gear, which I fear could be my main issue.

I’m searching for a real mix engineer who could help me over a live chat or tutorial video. It should not take more than a couple hours.

I do not mix as a profession. I’m an independent artist & get anxiety at studios, etc in the Cleveland area. There’s no reason to feel competitively threatened by showing me your technique.

Reference the vocal compression on “Empty” by Juice Wrld. That’s what I’ve been aiming for. I have an acapella bounce of them as a reference & my own vocals are very far off from that quality.

If interested, please send me names/links any songs you’ve mixed, and I’ll check them out. Also, send a rate you would charge hourly. I take this very seriously & pay real engineers vs attending a school for it. I’ll work with anyone of any genre, as long as you believe you can have an impact.


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Posted 2 months ago
Tavo Thaxton
Last online: 2 months ago

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