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Paparazzi + Body guard 📍 Montréal, Canada

Looking for: Actor
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My sister will be travelling down to Montreal for her Bachelorette in May 16th. I want to create a memorable experience for her!

Here’s my idea: I would like to hire “paparazzi” and one or two “body guards” for about an hour or two located in downtown Montreal. This shouldnt take more than an hour or two, but would be so fun and have a huge impact on the night.

The scenario is this (will be a surprise): Victoria (bride) will be a internationally known and famed celebrity. On our way to dinner, a stern, serious “body guard” will come to the door and inform The infamous Victoria that it’s time to leave. She will be handed a trench coat and sunglasses. We will make our way outside where they would be a group of people asking and potentially bombarding in a paparazzi type way. We wouldn’t spend much time here “answering questions”. The body guard would insist she gets into vehicle. There will be a limo with a red carpet rolled out for us.

From there we would enter the limo to go to our reserved dinner reservations. The limo would make some detours, allowing us to enjoy a couple of drinks (wouldn’t be longer than an hour). This would provide enough time for the paparazzi to meet us at the entrance of the restaurant where there will be so much excitement for Victoria to exit the vehicle to ask her some questions and talk about her wedding/future husband (I.e who is the lucky man, if you could sum him up in one word what would it be, where is the wedding etc.).

Once we enter the restaurant, the paparazzi is done and leaves The premises :).

I would like the experience to mimic paparazzi meeting a crazy popular celebrity to make her feel “extra” special. She’s a fun loving girl and would love this experience and would roll with all of this. I could see this being extremely fun.

Thank you,

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Posted 2 months ago
Lizz McAllister
Last online: 2 months ago

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