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Hey! We’re a creative agency located in Canada. We provide services such as documentaries, films, small to large video shoots, but mainly our digital service of content repurposing, where we take un-edited footage from our clients, and further edit the videos into professional and branded content for youtube and Instagram to help them grow their audience.

We work with entrepreneurs, online marketers, coaches, consultants, trainers, influencers, YouTubers, etc. Anyone who is growing a personal brand and want to save time and energy. and who is already producing alot of content!

We’re looking for a LONG TERM collaboration. Minimum 6 months to a year +. We are NOT looking for one time freelancers. We would like to build a strong partnership with you and have you on a director level in the company. Please only apply if you currently have the time in your schedule to 100% commit. This would start as a part-time job, but it has a lot of opportunities to easily become a full-time job. Let us know how many hours you can commit at best per week and we can start with that!

Check out this video to learn more about this opportunity and the job specifics:

If you can edit Youtube Videos and Short and powerful Instagram Specific Videos, and have amazing experience in marketing and storytelling. Please apply!

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