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Graphic Designer 📍 New York, United States

Looking for: Graphic Designer
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Hiker, a highly collaborative creative studio, is seeking to expand our stable of freelance graphic designers in support of current and upcoming projects. Can be fully remote and off hours as long as you’re good at what you do! This team is based in NYC so if you want to get out of your bedroom, you can also come here and hang out with our friendly, low-ego group.

We’re designing new websites, print materials, infographics, animations, and motion graphics for a wide variety of high profile clients. All very interesting, very different projects. Our design team needs individuals who can slot into the group and take on aspects of some /all of these projects for a few days, weeks, or months as needed. Our need for freelancers ebbs and flows, but if we like you and the things you make, you’ll be the first one we call when more work comes through the door.

At Hiker, our focus is on using design and innovation to help our partners tell better stories. Work on a variety of projects with a diverse, small team of writers, producers, animators, editors, developers, and designers. Current/recent clients include Re/Max, Under Armour, Chase, Verizon, the National Park Service, among others. Launched Under Armour’s new newsroom and corporate website and wrote and produced Febreze’s Super Bowl spot last year - so it’s a wide range of work with a company of about 15 people.

We are a low-ego, self-starter, very flat creative culture. Most creative workers here are 100% self-sufficient and are comfortable working across disciplines. The most successful Hikers bring a lot of curiosity, ideas, talent, ambition for great work, humor, and kindness.

Please email us a portfolio, a resume, a short letter about yourself, and a day rate. Any questions, please reach out.

Job Types

  • Freelance, Contract, Temporary


  • $20.00 to $60.00 /hour


  • Graphic Design: 1 year (Required)

Contract Length

  • 2 months or less
  • 3 - 4 months
  • Varies

Full Time Opportunity

  • Yes

Work Location

  • One location
  • Fully Remote


  • Flexible schedule


  • Monday to Friday

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
Pay to hire someone

Is this ongoing work or a one off job?
Ongoing work

How would you prefer to pay?
Hourly rate

What’s your hourly rate budget range? (USD)
$35-50 (Industry average)

Do you have an estimate of the job or project length?
A few months

Are you a company or individual hiring?

When do you want to have the freelancer secured by?
2-3 weeks

What is most important for this job?

Where did you find Twine?
You contacted me

Posted 2 months ago
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