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Walking through IT Cafe and engaging with staff - no voice 📍 London, United Kingdom

Looking for: Actor
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We are filming within a corporate environment and need two actors (client wants diversity in age, ethnicity and gender - not sure how to achieve this with just two performers, but willing to give it a try!) to play the typical user - enter the IT Cafe, use some of the technology, type at a keyboard, chat to an IT consultant, move through the space, and leave.

There’s no voice and no script. You’ll be directed as we go - need to be flexible.

It’ll probably take less than a day to film - start filming at 10 am, probably done by about 4 pm.

Location is in Canary Wharf

Filming is likely to take place around 25th March 2020

Actors will need to be smartly dressed in a suit or similar - there is no costume or makeup provided - actors will need to bring this themselves and look presentable in a corporate banking environment.

No time for face to face casting, so we’ll need a few mug shots and if there are any clips on the web where we can see your work, that would be great.

There will be no actor credits and as it’s a corporate film, it won’t be made available to you afterwards. There are no repeat fees. It’s a single fee for the day.

Posted 2 months ago
Harlequin Training Solutions
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