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2, 3 minute videos on Front-of-Pack Labels in Chile 📍 Santiago, Chile

Looking for: Videographer
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I am a scientist working at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

We are creating a completely free and open online course to educate governments about the importance of reducing salt in the food supply, in order to reduce the suffering and deaths associated with heart disease.

To make the course really practical and useful, we would like to make short videos to accompany our course.

Chile has led the world in creating useful, easy-to-understand front-of-pack labels on packaged foods. We would like 1 or 2 very short videos showing packaged foods on grocery store foods, in reusable shopping bags, on someone’s counter- something to show what they look like and how they are used. We also have been talking to people who helped with that effort and would like to arrange a 1-minute scripted interview as part of the video(s).

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Johns Hopkins University
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