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I need someone to animate a couple of things for a Minecraft Server 🌎

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My minecraft server is signed up on a few different voting sites, which enroll it to be found if someone tries to find a specific server type, since ours is factions and skyblock, the more votes we have, the higher chance of someone seeing our server when they search for that. The problem is that we dont have any animation banners like a lot of the other servers have, and that would improve the odds of getting players. I also need a profile picture for the Discord server that says “N” in a cool fancy text or background or something because the name of the server is “Nefarious” which means “Pure evil, almost indescribable” mainly because its a cool and unique word. Anyway, that is a pretty easy job and will take like 30-45 minutes from a good animator, so I’m looking to pay around 10 dollars. (USD) Thanks!!

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