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Hello, my name is Oscar & I recently started a small youtube channel, more than small , I am barely starting. 200 subscribers atm. I have an idea where I want to start a section on my channel where I do how-to-do videos and I want to add a character, an animation that can move the mouth and have expressions to react to whatever i am doing in the video. I plan on doing voice overs etc. Its nothing too elaborate but I am imagining something like… Bitmoji for snapchat. I want to have sort of like a list of my character moving the mouth, getting mad, etc. Different expressions that I can add to the videos. It doesn’t have to be extremely perfect, in fact, I’ve imagined my character sort of “crappy”, I want a simple character that can react to my videos to make them funny. I have the character in mind, the concept etc, I just need some sort of files that I can add to my videos to make voice overs using the character.

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Posted a month ago
Oscar Valdez
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