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We’re happy to announce our immediate move into the editorial world. Currently seeking a Graphic Designer for our Women focused Editorial. We are looking to work with an experienced designer who has a true passion and vision for branding and technology.

  • This is an amazing opportunity for a designer that wants to work in-depth design across a variety of media and marketing
  • We need an adaptable team player excited to take incredible task and clients
  • A quick-thinker who can bring new ideas to the table—a versatile, flexible and enthusiastic team player.
  • As a designer you will work directly with executives, brands and individual clients. From branding to application development. You will also play a key role in design meetings to learn and interact with the strategic-logistical processes of a digital marketing agency.


  • Undergrad, few years out of college, no freelancers
  • Ideal candidates will have strong design skills, a solid portfolio, previous experience, and are adept in the use of software tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch).
  • Must be available three to four days a week.


  • Working towards or finished with a design-oriented degree.
  • Designing Graphis collateral, including books, journals, and the website
  • Learn in-depth design across a variety of media
  • Exercise a strong understanding of design fundamentals, branding, and graphic design
  • Spot the visual elements that make a design exemplary, and exhibit a keen ability to identify and work with the existing styles that define our brand
  • Articulate design decisions and take criticism well
  • Edit, update and maintain correct information in website CMS
  • Edit, update and maintain contact lists on website and mass e-mail systems
  • Oversee all projects and assist in their completion
  • Delegate, oversee and manage the completion of given tasks

Candidates with some working knowledge of the following are preferred

  • Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop and InDesign required
  • Google Docs
  • Working knowledge of HTML
  • CSS, JAVA, PHP is a plus
  • Compensation is TBD based off experience and performance. School credit awarded.

Job Types

  • Part time, Full-time, Commission


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)

Additional Compensation

  • Commission
  • Other forms


  • Flexible schedule

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Ongoing work

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$300-500 (Industry average)

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A few months

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2-3 weeks

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