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We need a superb and fast image editor for e-commerce lifestyle 🌎

Looking for: Image Editor
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Hello there
we are a lifestyle marketplace looking to curate for sale premium quality products for sale.

We wish for our marketplace to have a clean, minimalist and trustworthy aesthetic, this means the images we receive from photographers and vendors need to be edited to the same level of quality and standard.

We sell art, decor and fashion (generally from the lifestyle segment). We wish for the images to appear natural and not over retouched, using backgrounds and styles from our content management guidelines, which we will provide to you.

Your responsibility:
We’re looking for a top quality image editor who can

  1. Edit images in line with our photography and content guides (which emphasises making images look realistic, adding drop shadows and adhering to guidelines for different categories (art differs from fashion from beauty).

  2. Provide recommendations to enhance our brand’s content vision

  3. Work with us long term for 6 months

  4. Work speedily and accurately to minimize multiple revisions

  5. Colour correct to correct images like this:

  6. Bonus advanced: Can recompose elements in 3D space realistically like this:

Culture fit

  1. Be able to adhere to guidelines

  2. Be amiable, a generally positive person

  3. Be honest and work professionally to deliver work on time

We’ll share our guide with you but our image standards are more like:


We would not:

  1. because it looks a bit too fake

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Ongoing work

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MonAfrique Lifestyle
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