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Fashion Photography and Videography, Lifestyle, Ecommerce, Ad/Campaigns 📍 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Looking for: Videographer
Budget: $1666.66
10 days left
Open job

Summary of Requirements:
Creative Content Development: Turn Key Solution on a monthly basis

• Outdoor Fashion Photography & Videography: For Campaign/Lifestyle/Editorial Shoots

• Turn Key Team with casting, props, accessories, location, equipment, make-up, and ad/campaign planning and execution

• Monthly one shoot with cast, models, in outdoor locations, with retouching, minimum of 24 garment styles categorized into genres of trending styles.

• This basic business intelligence from stylists to cover trending genres, help categorize our collection for photoshoot and plan a creative strategy with conceptualization and visual styling for shoots/campaigns.

• Basic keyword, hashtags with trends to highlight in campaigns to optimize visibility and reach.

• Need illustrations, creation of moodboards, lookbooks, e-catelogues and press kits for PR and other marketing initiatives.

• All the above can help in better-suited storytelling for inspiration/garment/genre/trend highlights.

• Media/content created will be used for monthly marketing across social media, website, digital marketing.

• Each garment will have its own small 10 second video which could be used in social media posting. Other new engaging styles like boomerangs etc also can be captured for social media content publishing.

• In-Studio Fashion Photography & Videography: For Editorial and E-commerce shoots

• Monthly one shoot with models for ecommerce for about 50 garments with 3 styles for each garment and a small 10 second video of catwalk for each garment made along with this for interactive website gallery.

• Monthly one shoot without models with Affiliated product marketing for product placements with bags, shoes and accessories, for PR kits and editorials.

• Videography and Production: Monthly will need to so one video for Branding (big video) and can have many smaller videos in post production to highlight campaigns, Genres, Collection, etc. These videos in HD and in smaller sizes, edited professionally for social media publishing and website and marketing initiatives.

• Ad/campaign video – the post production of creating 1 branding video for each monthly campaign
• Lifestyle Videos – Fashionable videos of each garment and one behind the scene video of the shoot
• Ecommerce Videos – catwalk of each garment and one behind the scene video of the shoot

Content Creation and Post Production Requirement on monthly basis, some ideas…
Photos required (versatility for being able to use these creative for month on month marketing)
• Images using props - Purses, holding coffee/tea - with high fashion brand’s accessories bags which are trending to emphasize the positioning of our brand and the “fit”
• Flat Lay images
• Product placements – in color but also in white background for PR related press kits
• Zoomed in/Up Close images of detailing of work adding more content to story of each garment and for online usage
• Cut out images (Product only, no model – see this moving along now brings more authenticity
• GIFs and Boomerangs, Stickers, other trending modes for social media integrations
• Group photos (more than one model posing together) – gives the lifestyle images for each genre being highlighted.
• Fast Shutter Shots

Video Creation (These elements can be covered of a span of 3 months with a measurable progress schedule)
• BTS (behind the scene videos, for each campaign)
• Genre/Categorization of New Arrivals (Product synergy with Trending Topics)
• DIVA Fashion Forward (Channel - like a weekly Style Check where two people women within store talking about new arrivals, another wearing it and exhibiting) this can be planned after 3 months with our new store in Dubai Mall, to be able to record there and post live on a monthly basis.
• Branding Video – for each campaign
• EId/Ramadan/Public Holidays Engagement Videos (Can create collections to resonate with milestone holidays which may be used for social media postings)

Around April 15th
For Ramadan: Thursday, 23 April and ends in the evening of Saturday, 23 May Highlighting Summer Collection
2 models 1 days shoot
Middle Eastern Models

Around May 20th
For Eid Al Fitr
May 23 to May 26 (days dependent on moon)
1 model 1 days shoot
Middle Eastern Models

Around July 20th
July 30 (dependent on moon) – Eid Al Adha Highlighting Fall Collection
2 models 1 days shoot
Middle Eastern Models

Around August 15th
For August 23 – Hijri, Islamic New Year
Islamic New Year in 2020 will be celebrated with a public holiday on Sunday August 23.
1 model 1 days shoot
Middle Eastern Models

Around 20th of October
For October 29 – Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday & December 2 and 3 – UAE National Day Highlighting Winter Collection
2 models 1 days shoot
Emirati Influencer/Model

Looking forward to hearing from you in how your esteemed company, could be able to work out a package for us to consider, on a monthly retainer for long term mutually beneficial business relationship.

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2-3 days

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Diva Abaya Couture
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