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Male Actor with Dry humor 📍 Miami, United States

Looking for: Actor
5 days left
Open job

We are Ekön tea ( the first ever functional tea brand crafted for men. We are looking for a male actor to take the lead role on a humorous/informative ad.

Shooting will be done in the Miami, Florida area midway through April.

These are two examples of what we will be looking to achieve with this ad:

This will be a low budget commercial in a pretty similar way to the two examples above which means that the actor we’re looking for will be the star of the show. The idea is making this commercial the landmark of our brand and the actor the face of it for future ads.

Contact us if you’re interested and I’ll be glad to share more info!


Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
Pay to hire someone

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One-off specific project or job

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Day rate

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$150-250 (Junior union rate)

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Half a day

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2-3 weeks

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Posted 25 days ago
Ekön tea
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