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Playful Teaching Animations 🌎

Looking for: Animator
Budget: $35.00
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At Imagine If, we work with schools to reimagine school for the future. We believe learning for students should be authentic, personalized and student-driven. The way we primarily support schools to do this is using project-based learning teaching methods.

We do a variety of work with schools… workshops, leadership coaching, teacher coaching and on-site support.

To promote our company and to help schools with some specific elements of project-based learning, we have imagined a video series of short (3-5 minutes) animated videos to use on social media and in our work with schools.

In total, we have about 10 ideas. We had started working with a designer on the first video: but she has taken a full-time job and can no longer continue the work. I do not expect the next artist to follow the same style as our previous one, but you can get a sense of the playful style.

The way we have worked with the previous designer, is we give her a script and storyboard and she created the drawings as individual files we could then put into iMovie and create the video ourselves. We did this so it would be our voices and also so we could translate the work into Danish if necessary (we are based in Denmark). We could also add photos from our teaching practice and play with timings, etc.

I have a script for the next video and very basic storyboard, but I am looking for an artist who can do the drawings so I can put them together. I would like to start with one and see how we work together, with the possibility of doing the whole series together. Ideally, I would like all of them to follow a similar design/style.

We are designing these for teachers/educators, but I would still like the style to be playful and fun without being too childish.

If this sounds interesting and like something you would like to work on, please reach out and we can talk more about the script I have. I look forward to connecting!

-Loni Bergqvist

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Imagine If
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