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Title Sequence Animation

Motion Graphic Designer
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I am Roland, I wish to hire someone talented enough to create a intro title sequence for my youtube channel videos based on gaming. My title name is “ArmCyborg” (the text will be just those words in capital letters) so I want my animation to be mechanical/robotic/machine type of style. You need After Effects for 3D text and Illustrator skills for vector imports.

I want metallic letters, (transformers style intro for example) as if the letters are all connecting together. Another sample example, the way Roboman was put together (see movie for reference). I was also thinking of incorporating some cold essence into it. As if frozen/chilled metal lettering (could defrost as the animation progresses) with the cold smoke coming off the letters.

I want it to be dynamic camera (your creative positioning). Slowly zooming out, spinning somewhat until all the text connects and is finally laid out complete on the center line.

7-11 seconds long.

Music and metal clamping sound effects, needs to be EPIC, think Terminator or Doom. Or which ever movie you think fots this idea contact me to verify references. Thank you in advance.

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