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Animate short "Western" style fight clip

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Hello! We are a team of performance artists making our first foray into the world of animation. This project is based on a performance series we’ve had to suspend due to the pandemic. It involves the animation of a short excerpt from our dramatization of the 1871 Los Angeles Chinatown Massacre–the largest single incident of racial violence in American History.

The scene is a short (about 90 seconds) but intense saloon/bar fight between Chinese gangster Yo Hing and a member of the soon-to be Lynch Mob named George Fall. We have a detailed script (I’ll attach it here if I can) and are looking for animation only (we have audio and voice acting covered.)
We are particularly interested in animators who have experience and/or special interest in fight scenes and violence. Familiarity with westerns, kung fu films, or the action/horror genre is a plus. Our initial instinct pulls us in the direction of Anime-style action, because of its propensity for violence and its Asian-diasporic connotations. However, we are open to any style that conveys the scene in an engaging and aesthetically fitting way.

Respondents must be comfortable animating a protagonist with recognizably Asian features. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that, but there it is.

Thank you!

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