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I need a pitch deck for an indie record label that is looking to scale massively

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I need someone to assist in the creation of a pitch deck for an indie record label based out of the US. The difference between this label and its competitors is that we will be putting the artists and employees first.

Our goal is to level out the playing field for artists in the music industry. Too many talented musicians get sucked into contracts that not favorable to them at all, the record label generally overworks, and underpay their talent.

A new business model would produce a breath of fresh air for a saturated industry, filled with greed and dishonesty. Happy employees and clients generally breeds staggering results. WE look to offer internal services that no other label offers to their talent pool, which is financial portfolio building, investment portfolio building, 401K (in a unique way) and more.

Let me know if you’re up for the task, I am undergoing a capital raise and am building a Team, quality work, ambition and drive could lead to full-time employment both domestic and international.

John Santiago

Pitch Deck: would include the following pages.

  1. Nice Layout and Visual Styling (Sleek, Clean and Modern)
  2. Overview
  3. Product / Service
    • Who does it help?
    • What problem is this solving?
    • How does it solve that problem?
  4. What your product is?
  5. Your Team
    6.Market Opportunity
  6. Your Marketing Strategy
  7. Business Model
  8. Financial Summary
  9. Conclusion

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