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2D Animation - Black and White Pencil Drawing Style

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I need a music video for a 3 minute and 6 second song. The song is about a conversation with a crow. I am open to ideas from a freelancer but my thought was a black and animated video with a crow. There would be some scenes where the crow is flying and some in a tree. Also I think there needs to be a man in the video as well but it could be a back view or somewhat abstract. I am thinking black or blackish background with lighter colored drawings and animation.

Again, I am open to other ideas based on your experience and expertise. My thought is once I get some pitches and see some examples of your work, I can share the song and we can discuss ideas.

Thank you!!

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One-off specific project or job

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$250-500 (Beginner)

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A few weeks

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1 week

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1-5 minutes

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Not applicable

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Not yet defined

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