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Animation Trailer for Upcoming Book Promo

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Looking for an animator to animate a 1-2 minute animation trailer for an upcoming book release. The trailer will be used for advertising and in need of character designs. The style of the animation will have a style blend of anime and another reference like “Jedi vs. Sith - The Skywalker Saga | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures” on Youtube. If interested, please show the best of your work in your portfolio and well discuss further.

The trailer is for a Sci-Fi Fantasy (Space Opera) story. Here’s a small brief of the story.

“Across the known stars, teens are trafficked to train as Super Soldiers and Sorcerers, forcing them to face against fallen angels known as the Leviathans; extraterrestrial beings who seek to tear the mystical forces of the Flora from the face of the universe.”

If you think you can animate science fiction elements, then it is much preferred. The animation will sync up to the trailer music.

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