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Key visual and storyboard illustrations Singapore, Singapore

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Illustrator is needed in Singapore, Singapore.

Greetings from Singapore.
We are looking for an illustrator/s local or within Asia. We aim to brief the job in on Mon 2 Nov. All illustrations are to be completed on 5 Nov.
With regard to illustration style, we’re in a bit of a unique situation. The storyboard is primarily made up of sculptures, made from objects. (for example, “a sculpture made of clipboards and sheets of paper, that casts a doctor / patient shadow”) I can share some references of what we’re trying to achieve…

  • 4 illustrations of the sculptures (and the shadows they cast) - these will be used for the key visual as well as the film
  • some close up drawings of the details of the sculptures, showcasing what they’re made out of - for the film
  • a few images of all 4 sculptures together in a room.

illustration style-wise, we, therefore, need someone with

  • CLEAN LINES (the sculptures have to look beautiful as opposed to messy)

We can get into a call and discuss it in detail.

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Posted 23 days ago
based in Singapore, Singapore
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