Nothing Like This

Published by QB


Better be ready for what we about to do ;) you never had nothing like this. Lyrics Below: Nothing Like This Verse 1 Baby girl you know you turn me on Looking like a star baby can i be your moon Girl you gotta tell me soon cuz i wanna take you home And the rules dont apply when i get you all alone You're not to sure you've been hurt by the past guys i promise youll forget them all by the end of tonight If its not enough i will get you there in time And if its way too much i promise girl you'll be fine Baby just be quiet keep the talking to a minimum And girl i got plans and im tryna get you into them Now that youre in the midst of them Relax and just let Quinton in Its your first time you'll never have it like this again Hook Brace yourself baby you ain't never had nothing like this Take it slow just make sure that your body don't quit x2 Verse 2 You dont have to worry i promise to take it slow Baby you're getting nervous and its really starting to show Let your restrictions go and let your body flow And you're getting soaked in sweat and my cologne Girl just trust me all im askin is that you trust me You dont think you're gonna like it i promise you're gonna love it You told me that you dont want it, now your curious cuz i touched it And now that you are uncovered, you'll see im one like no other So why dont i just get started, get ready girl its time Now youre feeling, getting chills down your neck and down.your spine More for you than it is for me i see your getting tired And baby i can tell you aint felt this good in a while i know Hook Bridge Hey girl hey girl i miss you You should already know what im tryna get into You've had a troubled past there's a lot that you've been through And girl i cant lie you've been stuck on my mental May i assist you I don't want you to leave Is there help i can give you Girl tell me please Now we're alone looking good in those jeans you aint gonna be afraid but i promise you're gonna scream Awwww yea Hook #audio #Hiphoprb #nothing #like #this #qb #ysqb #ysqbent #quinton #baker #the #best #you #will #ever #hear

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