Ratchet - 0 to 21 / Worst Case (Drake's 0 to 100 Cover)

Published by Dyan Johnson


+READ+ My pic looks like I hit a tree XD. Synopsis BELOW: If you thought this was about being legal, you had another thing coming. I'm just not that guy... SYNOPSIS: So I turn 21, and decided to make a song, wanted to release it on 10/11 (My birthday) but delayed due to a sore swelling my tongue. PART 1 of the song goes over some points in middle school/high school, and basically flashing back the stuff that was the "thing" back then. I reference a LOT of TV shows: Can you find out how many? NOTE: I FEEL BAD NOT INCLUDING KIDS WB, WOW PART 2 of the song gives a warning in the first 5 seconds of this entire song due to gloominess and such. This goes over an interesting conversation I had with someone about ruining my image because I decided to watch MLP FIM, rather than play a college sport because I was "supposed to". As if it was a choice between the two right? Around 2011-early 2013, I felt the lowest of the low for no f*ckin reason. Maybe college was(and still) is overwhelming? I paradox between the conversation between myself and...Myself? I can't relate to a lot of people today, but back then I felt too alone in the worst way. "How anybody can accept you when everybody relates to anyone except you." I was losing my mind back then. Suicidal wasn't a strong option, but it lingered for the dumbest reason ever: Because I'm too soft. So with that, I just like to express myself: Perhaps I gone too deep. I'm now 21, feeling better about myself, yet I still don't quite understand myself a bit, hence "My elaboration, misunderstood myself" and I'm losing a bit of patience. despite that, I still feel okay about my position, but I can't help but wonder about me: What's the worse case? Instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zUQVKOg8IA ===Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/ratchetness93 ===Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ratchetness ===Instagram http://instagram.com/ratchetness93# ===Google Plus https://plus.google.com/100903028264493422349/posts #audio #0 to 100 #Cover #Drake #Ratchet #Rap #HipHop #October #OVO

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