Ratchet - 70K (70k Sub Special)

Published by Dyan Johnson


+READ+ INSTRUMENTALS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9S_D-ktGYw! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE95SUoLOgk 70k song for my Youtube channel. A small thing I put together after a long hiatus of my "music" Thanks for 70k again, stick around maybe. +++LYRICS+++ 1st half lemme whip up a 70k special not really gon' say much although its an accomplishment honestly I would say as much more or less, I would bet seeing myself off tv sets is something i thought that I would actually regret Leave to rest all the stress that I store in my chest Just confess all the press that I am actually blessed Or I'm a failure in the making, seeing right through your eyes I couldn't try to deny it, you always see right through me. Trying to be the best, who I'm fooling inconsistent flow, I keep on drooling irresistible dreams, I dream to stay true to things If it was possible, would you stay the course through with me? yea, if it was probable, it's on the menu big, bigger ambitious affording for the venue Got to figure out who I am and what I want so then all around we all see the big view, you 2nd half man some say that it is the end of my days as if they are spot on it as accurate as a red dot when they tag it spot on it Locked up barely loaded spray and pray, go brr, what you accomplished? Coughing up chronicled excuses, it make sense on why it so chronic what is more that I ask for? Making things more that I ask for In the past for, for myself and its self explanatory its less than I tasked for Put a fork in it, you would get some raw meat Oh I'm beating suggestive mindset on this writer's block Nothing I say is suggestive Or inspiring, knew this one kid that say "You inspire me" "You go against the odds, ain't it tiring?" You black, pony, furry addict that likes getting junk stuffed in his attic with a room as roomy as a basement How can I say this? When the interpretation is as off as a product no placement what you talking bout Willis? Cold men stay carry on negatives, I feel it Positive always forgotten all up in your hatred, you feed off so glutton at this point where I've gotten, nothing to boast all about But I just hit 70k so I might as well say that I'm proud Not happy with my work ethic Not happy how my message messes why can't I realize that I'm in position to be just as greater no less identity crisis, can you identify mine? Make sure you untie it, cause it's all for naught all in my mind If I'm pleading some help, might as well plead guilty Get out that set Get out some confidence modest I let Let go of promises I would forget Humble is fine, but awareness is a must I gotta learn in my ability I have to gain my own trust #audio #Rap #Sing #Song #Lyrics #Special #Music #ComfortZone #Thank #You #HipHop

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