Psyched(Prod. By KenKen Beats)

Published by Dyan Johnson


+READ+ Beat was by KenKen Beats, go check out his channel and the rest of his work! I did NOT make the beat, he did: To be honest, this was actually HARD for me to do. Being unnatural at music in general, it was tough to emphasize comfortably, but that's my fault, let alone the mixing and lyrics. Listen closely, it is nothing more than a minor brony rap, it's nothing solely on MLP actually, I just put MLP references due to the beat used(If you didn't check KenKen Beats by the time you are reading this, I don't know what else to say lol). Again, if anybody would like to help me with editing music, whether it be instrumentals, mixing etc, let me know. To add, I didn't know what to put for the wallpaper, so I winged this one...Thanks for listening in, as this may be the "Ice Breaker" including my other song "Assist" of what I am going to attempt to do VERY soon...Stay tuned Lyrics Once upon a time up in the canterlot riding inside chariots, I'm cruising to the parking lot parking in the front as I am walking with the swag I've brought We turning up, we stop at naught, and other colts, they have a spot Walking in, I belong in the light, you cannot see me at night Future is bright, dictate the outcome of rights Wrong, lemme hold tight Taking a bite, chugging the days by Vitamin C, Sunny delight Trippy in flight, let me let you know I'm psyched, I'm psyched I'm psyched tonight, And I am not high Lacking to live up my hype, backing my type Slacking and packing and pry, open the chances go by Time would just fly, getting back up and try, becoming a certain guy never have thought, seeing success through my eyes, im psyched Crazy as it seems, that I'm rolling with my salty team We party like there's no tomorrow, I'm sleeping to live the dream Oh, never knew that I would get right by my self esteem As low as I am monotone, though I have grown throughout low key Trotting in the ball room, we having a ball Galloping gala inside the dance hall Wall to wall, we bouncing in awe With mares we could fall for, hoping they answer the call Hoping the standards are small, ha Earning what you work with, you make it the best of them all As I recall, never seemed to do it when I pass away Time will make you older, you ain't younger just like yesterday Pushing to the limit, you can't quit it although as I may Hopeless as it seems, my hair colors turning black to grey Living in the moment, I am lifted from this place that weighs Pressure on my mind, I am grinding out this hectic race I'm slower than the others who just quick enough to catch their prey And I deliver this message, I just hope it's as deep as this bass #audio #Rap #My #Little #Pony #Friendship #is #Magic #Brony #KenKenBeats #KenKen

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Aaronplud @Aaronplud2 years ago

post this on looks awesome


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