Ratchet - Hat Trick (Prod. By DJ Blazy)(Lyrics)

Published by Dyan Johnson


+READ+ When we were back, flashback way back, did you believe in me? Instrumental: https://soundcloud.com/dj-blazy-1/summer-dj-blazy Go support her, great stuff. This is one of many. This image too: http://klaudy-na.deviantart.com/art/Summer-lights-Amy-457941234 Made this to ease stress from music hiatus publicly. Been working on 'Welcome to Equestria' for a long time...Almost there if someone's wondering. In the meantime...How about a little hat trick? Instrumental: https://soundcloud.com/dj-blazy-1/summer-dj-blazy Go support her, great stuff. This is one of many. ++LYRICS++ Ok, how about a little hat trick? Kicking in the back and I do it for the sake of the wake of pretentious habits Lack a bit of confidence, yet Lemme hammer it down, nail it no ego, negrotistic, blacksmith Home is where the hat is Is it? Lemme just bounce outside feeling different Summer’s mine in time, she makes me blind, getting vivid visions Seeing myself leading the crowd like I’m forgiven Damn, Blazy blazing on this beat In the heat of the summer, no wonder that It’s a treat Check her waves to surf on, for your music needs And perhaps this boy Ratchet can give it a nodding deed Perfectionist like greed, I stay wondering what went wrong (Lighten up), that’s what I said when was not on I want a team, I can put on And the fear that’s been gone Noticing it’s not gone (fearful interlude) Yea, cause it’s not gone I’m in a loop of repetition of doing wrong Never ask about me, you know the answer When you feeling like you long gone This world keeps crashing on, me Feeling nervous, till the day that I die Making all the while worthless Whatever’s my purpose, whatever god sent me down On this soil, to pave a way for the doubted ones so it’s worth it Why you see me? When we back, flashback way back did you believe in me? No stacks, racks on racks, money don’t grow on trees Jacks, no Hunger Jacks, motivation to feed For my self esteem, to self redeem Is the act of my encouragement, acting is what I need Actuality, reality, there is people looking up to me And up for me, is taking the hand in custody, get it on lock And I drop the gloominess that’s making the light a blotch Pop It off, let me overcome this madness See me sound off, that’s what you call a hat trick ===Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/ratchetness93 ===Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ratchetness ===Instagram http://instagram.com/ratchetness93# #audio #Rap #Ratchet #Summer #Wave #Beat #Lyrics #Happy #Sad #Singing #Song #Hat #Trick #DJ #Blazy #Sonic #The #Hedgehog #Sonic #Amy #Rose #Video #Game #Tropical

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