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rendezvous is an Indonesian Alternative Melodic Rock formed in 2006 by Letario Prodeo. The very first formation of the band were Letario (Guitar), Larry (Drum), Adit (Bass) and Yuri (Vocal). The first single from the band is “Emotion” which was released soon after the band was formed but the particular song had the composition changed several times. The band made several songs from the first formation, like “Raise the Sky”, “All I Want”, “If I Hold This Time” and “Symphony of The Death”. After a years gone by, the first formation of the band left the group so there was only one last man standing, who’s (in the other hand) the former of the band, Letario / Ryo.

August 2009, Ryo attended to UPH Music Conservatory for his college and met Erick his classmate who had no band at that time. In September 2009, Ryo asked Erick to join rendezvous and Erick took the offer. Erick joined Rendezvous but they were still looking for a bass player. While they were looking for a bass player, they decided to run the band and rebirth all the songs.
With only 2 persons in the band, they kept moving forward and practicing in the studio at their campus. From the year 2009 until 2012, they had changed the personnel several times due to different vision and mission of music so in November 2012, Rendezvous disband for a while.
Year after the rest, Ryo and Erick decided to reunite and seek for a players to create music together. While searching for the players, they both recorded the single “Broken Tears”, recorded with only two persons from the band and the song got a very high appreciation and praise from the society. Now, the band has finally assembled the current formation with Letario Prodeo (Vocal & Guitar), Erick Kevin Nataniel (Drums, Percussion & Space Ship), Christian Winarto (Bass), Biondi Noya (2nd Guitar) and Noah Revevalin (Keys). The band’s complex composition, catchy guitar riffs, floating atmosphere keys and hard-rock drumming determined them to be an Indonesian Alternative Melodic Rock.

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