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Additional link for DL: When people want you now because you have fame but weren't with you when you were struggling. Hook: Failure reigns But success listens swear to god i was on a different mission Now everybody just wants my supervision swear to god they weren't in the gym though in the gym though swear to god they weren't in the gym though in the gym though in the gym though about a week ago those stands were empty bro $alted Caramel LYRICS: They said SALTED I bet you can’t make a hook Matter of fact, they told me to go read a book My gameplan was to leave the city so shook Doin it big by myself, RUSSELL WESTTTTBROOK This failure I had to face it Reminded me to go back to some basics Never gonna fake it use this talent or just waste it The bad times I began to erase it So I Devised a plan called it change So I forgot about the 3’s, did some short range Made myself dedicated to grind harder Knew I had to leave it up to me, aaron carter Made some game-winners, no noise Was wondering where I was gonna find this joy Used to sit in the back of my fucking class 2nd rounder in 2k, they ignored my ass Hook BIG~WORM: When people say they with you you know they lien Cuz at the end of the day you by you self grinding It don't make sense if don't make dollars When them haters holla I just pop my collar I stay repping 540, all my life it seems I had to get on my own I had to work hard I had to man up, the older that I got I figured out theses streets are rough I learn from my dad and see how he succeeds, he work everyday to make sure I got something to eat I wanna be the man so try to be like him, I ball everyday by myself with an empty gym You wasn't with me shooting, trynna prove these haters wrong just to show em I can do it If I get the chance you know imma tear it down, and then they'll know that big worm is the best around #audio #rap #new #grind #hitmeup #movement

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jonny English @jonnybob3 weeks ago

I love listening to music when I work out. I am also creating a gym for myself. I bought a lot of Adjustable Dumbbells,Source: ,and I and Kheng Piseth regularly work out at the gym. I want to compete in an amateur tournament next year


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