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A dating simulation game, "Wondaful House (Dogful House) " is here! Enjoying life with a dog ears girl "Mao". In the mini game [RPG], the previous work characters "Mei" and "Kanna" appear. To rescue "Mao", you must go on an adventure! ■Android http://bit.ly/2iPVczQ ■How to play Mei "I, magical girl May, will explain how to play!" Mei "Pat the head with your fingers, then intimacy is increased!" Mei "When the degree of intimacy increases, you can watch dating events!" Mei "The number of times of patting the head is limited!" Mei "The limitation of the number of patting the head is unlocked after a while." Mei "Also, the patting number increases by items that I make." Mei "You need coins to exchange to items." Mei "Work hard to increase coins!" Mei "Your job is to catch stray dogs!" Mei "When you touch a dog, you can get a coin!" Mei "Sometimes, rare dogs come out. So don’t miss them!" Mei "There are a variety of completion elements, such as collecting dogs!" Mei "It’s the end of explanation of how to play." ■Recommendation ・I have no meaning to live other than working. ・I want to be excited. I want to grin. ・I want a cute little sister. I want her wake me up every day! ! ・I often play free casual games. ・I loves free games to kill time! ・I want to leisurely play a “leave-it-alone” type game. ・I love dogs! I want to be healed by gathering dogs. ・I love Gal games! I want to be healed by pretty girls. ・I, I, in fact, love ... Moe….cough, cough ・I want to raise my two-dimensional wife (girlfriend). ・I want to share cute images in Twitter, LINE, and Facebook. ■Prologue Main "I didn’t think I would find such a good place, let alone with reasonable conditions . . ." Main "This is too good to be true. . ." Main "Perhaps it is a trick and it’s really the 50 year old dirty apartment next door." Main "Thoughts such as these kept running through my head as I headed to the apartment." Main "With anxiety and expectations in mind, I began to walk towards the apartment." Main "Woaah! Not too bad!" Main "Without delay, I began to look around the room." Main "Bath tub, toilet, dining room, living room . . ." Main "And a large gaping hole in the wall . . ." Main "Huh . . . A HOLE ! ?" Main "Wh-what the heck is this ! ?" Main "This hole was big enough for a person to enter the living room." Main "Talk about no privacy . . ." Main "I think I know why they didn’t allow me to preview the room before purchasing it. . ." ??? "Bark!" Main "!?" Main "Wh-what? Is someone there?" A little girl appeared out of the big hole. ??? "Nice to meet you, Master!" Main "Eh . . . ?" Main "W-what did y-you just say?" Main "Master?" Mao "The name is Mao Aikawa." Mao "From now on, I will be your dog." Mao "I hope you will treat me well!" In this way, my new life has begun with a dog ears pretty girl #video #illustrator #animator

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