Of Free Verse (Naviarhaiku127 - Ink-black birds scatter)

Published by Jamie

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created a really windy chain, wanted a dark thinness. birds really hidden/dispersed in this played computer keyboard as midi controller by typing out the haiku ('writing lines..') Ink-black birds scatter, Writing lines of free verse Across a paper sky. DEADLINE: 15th June Poem by Frank Jaspers http://frank-jaspers.tumblr.com/ Picture by Sean Nash https://www.flickr.com/photos/nashworld/26404283711 - Upload your track to the Naviar Haiku group on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/groups/naviar-laboratory - When you upload your entry, include "Naviarhaiku127 - Ink-black birds scatter" in the title. - Please use a Creative Commons license for your track and set the track as downloadable should you wish to be included in the podcasts. For more information visit http://www.naviarrecords.com/about/naviar-haiku #audio #soundscape #airwaves #ambient #Naviarhaiku127 #haiku

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