Sense Of An Ending

Published by Jamie

  • 1 credits "create an ambient track using only one sample" the sample is i wanted to accentuate the strings elements .. it ended up darker than expected. 1. audition - made stereo, 800% longer, convolution reverb, 7 voice chorus, echo 2. audacity - screechy bits cut out, echo. paulstretched a couple of sections added ~1:35 minutes repeated duplicate track 1 octave higher reversed echo duplicate track 2 octaves lower, stereo field narrowed 3. snippet of track 1 pulled into protoplasm synth at -2, -1 and 1 octaves difference. ambience.1 dream acoustic guitar and wide chorus added. (the pulsing sound) 4. audacity - 1:15-1:30 track 1 pstretched x5 added ~3 minute mark. last bit reversed and repeated. 5. track mastered in audition #audio #Ambient #osd46 #ambientonline #acousmatic #Sample #dark #ambient

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