siskin or green finch? (disquiet0256)

Published by Jamie

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had fun with this. i left the sample at the start and i guess showed my working - the plucking sound is a particularly tuneful hook which makes that sound when i take my dressing gown off i thought i'd make it sound like a banjo but it's more xylophone crossed with harp i think. beat is just from incidental sounds in the recording ambient is from reverb tails of pluck- stretched, and also i fed that into protoplasm for the outro.. no other sounds were added! done in music maker, audacity and audition .. oh and live too! title is coz we were trying to identify birds in the garden from the recorded room and the calls kind of influenced this. Disquiet Junto Project 0256: Music in Place Record a short piece of music using the sounds around you. #audio #ambient beat #sample #Ambient #disquiet0256

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