three words for loss (disquiet0277)

Published by Jamie

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this track is in three chunks. each chunk has 3 constituent parts. the first chunk is 3 previous tracks of mine second is 3 field recordings third is 3 samples of classical instruments i messed around with pitch but phasing rather than speed. each chunk processed with the same fx to fit together . . . Disquiet Junto Project 0277: Chew Concrète The Assignment: Make music inspired by C. Reider’s Chew Cinders album procedures. Step 1: This week’s project is inspired by the manner in which C. Reider recorded his recent album, Chew Cinders (Midnight Circles). We aren’t remixing his album. We’re remixing/repurposing his approach to the album. You can check it out here: Step 2: This instruction is adapted, with Reider’s input, from the manner in which he recorded the album: Process a sequence of standalone “chunks” of pre-recorded sound — voice, field recordings, noise — with an emphasis on the manipulation of time and pitch. Speed things up, slow them down, and explore the opportunity to use cutup techniques. Pay particular attention to segues between the chunks. #audio #Ambient #electroacoustic #fx #drone #disquiet0277

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