dream haze (disquiet0278)

Published by Jamie

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looking at this i thought of the artwork from tranquility tapes releases, a jangly focused discordant blurred sound, i thought eurgh vaporwave (the statue) and how a dumb meme can seemingly spawn a whole genre these days, i saw the UN symbol in the top right and thought of integration and separation, and i thought about graphic notation as an artificial synaesthesia and then i was wondering if the perirhinal cortex was still implicated in synaesthetic/integrative cognitive fuctioning.. TMI! based on all this i went for experimental ambient, classical architecture so classical music samples (cello, viola, bass clarinet) jangly guitar fx echoes, all recorded in one take, emergent melodies to represent emergent cognition and integration, and that kind of hypnotic sense that fits with a looser more freeform notation ||||| http://llllllll.co/t/disquiet-junto-project-0278-macconnels-jingle/ Disquiet Junto Project 0278: MacConnel’s Jingle The Assignment: Interpret a work of contemporary art as a graphically notated score. Step 1: The image at the following URL is a photograph of Jingle, a 1980 work by the artist Kim MacConnel (b. 1946). The piece, which is approximately 8 feet wide and is made of acrylic on cotton, hangs at the Parrish Art Museum in the town of Watermill, New York, on the east end of Long Island. http://disquiet.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/kimmacconneljingle.jpg Step 2: Compose a short piece of music that interprets MacConnel’s Jingle as a graphically notated score. #audio #Ambient #disquiet0278 #hypnotic #classical

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