b|a|r |c|o||d|e - | m||i d| i | |(dsq285)

Published by Jamie

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grabbed the nearest book and painstakingly drew the barcode as a midi file had this running through some instrument samples and fx. i really could not be arsed to draw two more barcodes so when the feedback had died down i played the same barcode again x2 i think i did well to leave some rhythm in; kind of allergic to rhythm at the moment: i'll bring it up next time i go to the doctors. Disquiet Junto Project 0285: Live Barcoding Make rhythms from your packaged goods. Step 1: We’ll be making music from barcodes, those zebra-striped symbols that adorn packaged goods. Please find the three barcodes nearest you. Step 2: Look at the barcodes and sort out how they suggest, for you, a rhythm, a beat — how do they function as notations of percussion? Step 3: Create a short piece of music in which each of the three barcodes is independently interpreted for its rhythmic content. In other words, make a piece of music that layers the beats of the three barcodes you selected in Step 1 based on the notational concepts that arose in Step 2. #audio #el | e||c|t r |||o||n | i|c n ||o | i |s|e #disquiet0285

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