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when i was 12 or 13 my music teacher at school was horrible: mean and impatient - she'd grab kids fingers and press them hard into the 'right' keys when we made mistakes. there was no relationship between my burgeoning love of music and what i had to contend with at school. i never learnt to read music, and looking at this image reminds me of sitting in front of a keyboard thinking 'what the fuck?' so i sat in front of my electric piano and just played what i felt. then i've hidden this playing in a number of ways - i've cloned the track and blurred it with paulstretch, reverb, echo a few times. and i used amazing midi to convert the recording to midi to add some random variance and then created 3 separate soundscapes with different fx in live 8 ♪♩♩♩♮♬♪♩♩♩♮♬♪♩♩♩♮♬♪♩♩♩♮♬♪♩♩♩♮♬♪♩♩♩♮♬♪♩♩♩♮♬♪♩♩♩♮♬ Disquiet Junto Project 0205: Superposition Interpret boxed-up music-education materials as a graphic-notation score. This week’s project falls broadly into the category of “graphic notation.” It uses a found assemblage as its starting point. Step 1: Look at this image associated with this project, and imagine it as a score in the tradition of graphic notation: http://disquiet.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/20151203-560×560.jpg Step 2: Record a piece of music based on that score in Step 1. More on this 205th weekly Disquiet Junto project (“Interpret boxed-up music-education materials as a graphic-notation score”) at: http://disquiet.com/2015/12/03/disquiet0205-superposition/ More on the Disquiet Junto at: http://disquiet.com/junto/ Join the Disquiet Junto at: http://soundcloud.com/groups/disquiet-junto/ Subscribe to project announcements here: http://tinyletter.com/disquiet Disquiet Junto general discussion takes place at: http://disquiet.com/forums/ #audio #ambient #solo #piano #disquiet0205superposition #fx

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