Brians Third Wife

Published by Simon Oak


Lyrics and melody by Simon Oak for the Wings Over Mountshannon Song Competition 2014, where it won the audience prize. Photo: Simon Oak. 1. Brave and bold, young and old, listen to what I sing A thousand years ago, you know, there was an Irish King They say he was Dalcassian from the east of Clare Tis only a song, so maybe I'm wrong, because I wasn't there 2. But from the books, well that's how it looks, he was a mighty man He brought some years of peace, so please, let's praise him while we can We lift our voices in rejoice for the battles he has won He fought and died and sacrificed the life of his own dear son 3. He spent his youth, now this is the truth, in the town of Killaloe On the banks of the Shannon he first saw his enemy, plundering as they go He raged and swore and knew for sure he's going to have them pay He learned to survive and strove all his life to gain all Ireland sway 4. The monks that raised him were amazed by his bright and restless mind His look was sharp and he played the harp, he sure was one of a kind With song and fight he came to unite, brought the Irish tribes together Amid Lough Derg he built a church on the ground of Inis Cealtra 5. Now, you're no fool, you went to school, so this isn't new to you This Viking fighting High King's name is, yes ... Brian Boru! But let me sing you one more thing, to most of you not known That Brian's wife, the third in his life, felt pretty much alone 6. The sun did shine and as a sign of submission to the King The Dublin Norse sent many a horse and boat with precious things And up the river the Danes delivered hogsheads of wine and more Those riches for him were stacked to the brim of Brian's secret store 7. The Princess of Leinster, not much of a spinster, to her the kings were in thrall The mother of Dublin embittered for the drubbing of Sigtrygg her son above all This Silken-beard man had a wicked plan to challenge Brian Boru Which led to a fight where thousands died, indescribable but true 8. Now Brian's third wife she did survive and she was one of the few Who knew of the store I mentioned before while no one else had a clue She hid in the house built by her spouse on top of this mighty store She dressed in deep mourning, but the wine it was pouring, and she never was sober no more 9. The day she died she had by her side two pipes of Danish red wine Her soul coming out was wandering about and couldn't keep in a straight line Nor heaven nor hell it was able to tell the difference between up and down So they say till today her soul is astray, a haunting the drunks of this town! #Traditional Singing #"Brian #Boru"

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