Arctic Sunrise

Published by Simon Oak


Protest song by Simon Oak, about the Greenpeace ship The Arctic Sunrise and it's 30 member crew. In september 2013 they were taken prisoners by the Russian army during a peaceful protest against Gazprom's riskful drilling in the vulnerable Arctic. They were released shortly after Christmas, but the ship is still in Russian hands in the harbour of Murmansk. Photo: Wikipedia Commons Lyrics: Chorus between every verse: Our ship is the Arctic Sunrise We sail the icy sea To save our dear Mother Earth From greedy industry We sailed around a drilling rig In our precious Arctic Drilling for oil at such a risk Made us mad and sick So we took off in rubber sloops And climbed that rusty rig While Gazprom with their army troops Took hold of our ship This Putin is a mighty man He'll do anything he can To polish his macho image and He's got scary friends Like pirates they jumped on board Guns could not just be ignored What we were arrested for? Piracy for sure! Now we were thrown like criminals In a dirty Russian cell Can you imagine they are partners Of our Royal Shell? The world was gazing in amaze At a fancy Russian trial And we became as the Artic Thirty Famous for a while Three months later Putin pardoned us But no excuse His powerplay was ridiculous To us this was abuse But on the scale of bigotry This wasn't really bad See how they treat their own protesters Now that makes me sad! Our ship is still in Russian hands An international offence They may think that our protest ends But we have many friends Vernite nam nashu lodku Give us back our boat Vernite nam nashu lodku Give us back our boat shlyupka (шлюпка) = Russian for sloop shlyupka here, shlyupka there, shlyupka, shlyupka everywhere! P.S. The Arctic Sunrise is free again since August 2014! #Folk song #Greenpeace #Gazprom #Shell #Environment #Arctic

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