A Celtic Blessing - Jon Loomes

Published by Simon Oak


Song by Simon Oak Words by Jon Loomes Graphic: Red Vampire, HongKong May the bluebird of happiness Lay an egg on your face May unicorns shit rainbows in your beer May the crowd rise up to meet you And beat you from this place And may you never show your face again round here. May St Christopher walk beside you To guide you on your way. May St Vitus call the dance as you depart. May the Blessed Virgin Mary Come and punch you in the face And may Satan sit upon your head and fart. May the fiddler on your rooftop Break your tiles and steal your lead. May your piles provide considerable distress. May the horseshoe on your doorway Fall and hit you on the head And may you get a letter from the IRS*. * The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) administers and enforces U.S. federal tax laws. #Folk #Irish #Blessing

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