The Ballad Of Akmal Shaikh

Published by Simon Oak


By Simon Oak about the true story of the mentally ill British-Pakistani man called Akmal Shaikh (pronounce Shake), who was executed in China in 2009 for drug trafficking, in spite of huge efforts to explain his illness. Photo of Akmal made by: Kuba Krzysiak You knew how to move a mountain and how to drive a cab You knew how to win the lottery, to make gold out of crap You lived a happy life near the Tapas Cuisine And you went to the Bull and Gate for a drink Your parents fled a land full of misery and war For their children they paved a better future for sure You were raised as a muslim knew the good from the bad But your mind let you down you got sick in the head People say you were a charming and charismatic man But your wife saw you changing, got afraid, so she ran Your lost hold of reality made the most ambitous plans Your own airline in Poland the beginning of the end You lost your money, your family, yet remained undeterred Even though your best friends said your plans were absurd Your new friends from the subway promised you to find fame You believed them, not knowing you were the mule in their game So you flew to the end of the rainbow at last Where the future was bright you could forget all the past But the pot at the end wasn't there full of gold You got caught in a system where your organs could be sold In Ürümqi you stood your trial but they laughed at your plea You were sentenced to death but they first let us see How their birdsnest was grand and they let us admire The dance of the dragon and a sky full of fire You behaved like a child and you sang like a fool You believed in a world where the little rabbits rule You longed for your children to roll in your arms But an inhumane system put an end to your charms For what did they kill you, what harm did you do? Bringing stuff cross a border while the bad guys tricked you Plan to build a great mosk, singing songs out of tune Sending emails to presidents, what punishments are due? Now wherever you are we will never forget The message you left us and the joy that you spread Whether muslim or christian we're all made to love May your soul hover freely through the heavens above! #Ballad #China #"Death #penalty" #"Bipolar #disorder" #Poland #Pakistan #London

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