Kenneth Robert Neilson
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Sarnia, Canada
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I was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on December 3, 1940. Spent most of my years in Sarnia, Ontario approximately, 100 miles north-east of Windsor.

My first full-time job was working for my father selling food products at various grocery stores throughout south and north region of Ontario. As far south as Chatham, north to Wingham, and east to London. It took 3 weeks to cover this area. It was a good business until the small grocery stores was shoved out by
the bigger stores. It caused our business to fold, as well. But from 1959 to 1962 distributing food products was in full swing. It kept Dad and I busy for those few years.

I was married at the age of twenty-two to a lovely young lass named Patty in 1963. We have two beautiful daughters, Mary Elizabeth who lives in Toronto, and Patricia Ann who lives here in Sarnia.

I have been a songwriter and poet since 1960. I travelled a few years (1965-69) singing and playing music in hotel bar rooms, mainly, with a couple of bands that I joined. Mike Sherry Trio, Ranee Lee Quartet and the Bell-Tones. During the other years I kept myself busy doing other work I wasn’t too fond of, but it put food on the table, and a roof over our heads.

I did land me a job in Point Edward, not too far from Sarnia. Played and sang at the Bridge Tavern Restaurant on Michigan Avenue, just this side of the Bluewater Bridge and the St. Clair River. I had two musicians with me, usually an accordion, and a drummer. I played the guitar. My band was called the Kountry Klassics formed in 1970. We played for the folks from 1970 until 1978. The reason I am telling you this is, it gave me the opportunity to sing my songs. I wrote many songs during those years at the Bridge Tavern. It was an ideal place for performing for approx. 100 people on Fridays and Saturdays. Roughly, 100 songs each night. We played and sang what the people wanted, and then they gave a listen to many of my own writings. I was home most of the time, and gave music lessons our home.

I am living now at Vision Nursing Home in Sarnia, just a few blocks away from my home n Stuart Street. My wife Patty is still looking after the place.

Hopefully, you can help present my music and songs to the listening public. I thank you for any help that you can do to further my songwriting to the people of this world of ours. God bless you.

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